Simon Tuomisto

Award winning producer

Simon Tuomisto was born in August 1989 in Sollefteå, Sweden. Film making has been an interest for him a long time. Once he met Carl Sundström it really took off and they started making and producing a few bits together. 

His first recognized project as producer came with the award winning documentary "Documenting the Witch Path" with Carl Sundström as screenwriter and director. He was not native to the film industry in the beginning of his career, but now after his first award he is pursuing more projects in the film industry.

The Spying Moth Entertainment logo and name is put on films and products made by Carl Sundström as his own signature. No other people are involved within Spying Moth Entertainment. Spying Moth Entertainment is grounded by Carl Sundström. All other people listed is not a part of, nor employed by Spying Moth Entertainment. They are working for their own and/or other companies. But they are currently working or have worked in co-production with Spying Moth Entertainment on various projects.