About us

This is the official website of Spying Moth Entertainment that is stationed in Västernorrland, Sweden. We are working with everything from small projects that might just take a day to much bigger projects. These jobs we offer can be anything from design of commercial, poster & websites, music videos, commercial videos, informational videos and much more. Contact us for more information. 

What gear are we using?

          Sony cameras   Avant camera   Canon camera   Carl Zeiss & Sony lences              H1 Zoom H4N Zoom Pro 

What software are we using?

Sony Vegas Pro 14    MAGIX Music Maker 80's Edition    MAGIX Photo Manager Delux    Xara Photo & Graphic Designer    MAGIX Photostory Delux    MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab    Davinci Resolve

All of our software is fully licensed and we are only using the best for our customers.